Our Mission

We see 1,000 homeless men and women with addiction recovered and living as positive members of society. 

Meeting the needs of the community for 28 years


In 2015 we provided supportive housing to nearly forty homeless individuals through our Page One supportive housing programs. We have expanded our transitional housing program and implemented permanent and rapide rehousing initiatives. We assisted a number of clients in finding employment and permanent housing . Through our homelessness prevention program we were able to serve 13,000 meals. An additional 3,000 food parcels were distributed to households through our food pantry. An additional thirty clients received over 25,000 in rental, mortgage or utility assistance through our prevention services. We are on tap to doubling those numbers in 2016.

Our strategy includes the development of four row houses, the opening of our transitional family shelter, and the future construction of our Library Multi-Purpose Facility. 

In 2016 we now have the capacity to become one of the leading south suburban agencies to address homelessness. So, we solicit your support and encouragement as we play our part in the eradication of homelessness in the state of Illinois.

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Pastor Fred Cochran

Board Member

Now for 28 years, Bethel Human Resources has met the needs of it's community with supportive housing and addiction recovery services. We endeavor to expand the vision of Pastor Harold Arrington of seeing 1000 men who have hit rock bottom , recover and return home as positive members of their community and society. We have now expanded our vision to include women and their children.

Mr Herman Head

Board Member

Future Library Multi -Purpose Facility 2017


Mr. Michael Hoover

Board Member


15100 Page Ave, Harvey, IL 60426


Hunger isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round food drive gets so much attention. Devote an afternoon to stocking our pantry and see first-hand the community members we help daily.

Bethel Human Resources

Let’s put an end to Illinois homelessness !

Meet Our Board

Rev. Joseph Johnson;

Board President 

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Highlights of 2015 & looking ahead 

Pastor John Arrington;

​Board Member


Our mission is to eradicate homelessness through supportive transitional, permanent and rapid rehousing initiatives while addressing a client's addiction or mental illness and to avert future homelessness through prevention services.

Maximized Excellence

Providing quality services to the community we serve

Hope in Action

Our programs include 

 - Page One Transitional Supportive Housing - Provides housing and related support services for chronically homeless men.

- Page One Permanent Supportive Housing - A graduation program for those who have completed the 13 months in our transitional housing program.

- Page One Rapid Rehousing Initiative - A new program designed for clients who come into the program and aren receiving some form of income including SSI or unemployment.

- Page One Recovery Services - Designed for clients living in one of the Page One housing programs. Clients complete a 12 step program designed for the total recovery of the individual back to society.

Bethel HR Food Pantry - The food distribution arm where free food is provided to families in the communities where we serve through the Bethel Human Resources homeless prevention initiative.

Bethel HR Soup Kitchen - We provide daily warm meals to our transitional housing residents 3 times daily, seven days per week. In addition the community is served hot lunch from Tuesday through Friday. Our soup kitchen remains open 365 days including Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

Attorney Cornelius Marshall

Board Member